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"Book of the Sea Award 2009"

by Elisabetta Montaldo - ed. indies g&a
Available in English in the following bookshops:
L'amico ritrovato - GENOVA
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NAPOLI - Dante&Descartes
via Portalba 10 - via Mezzocannone 75
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Nutrimenti - PROCIDA
via Roma 161
081 - 8967440
VENTOTENE -  L'ultima spiaggia
piazza Castello 18
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L'ultima spiaggia - CAMOGLI
via Garibaldi 114
0185 - 772308

Motivation for the "Book of the sea award":


"A novel that is adventurous, intimist, historical but open to the future. The teenager Rafìla allows a young and glamorous arab merchant to kidnap her and thus discovering the islamic world around the tenth century. Love and sea, sorrow and joy, friendship and intimacy, religion and freedom. As the Al Idrisi's mediterranean map was rapresented upsidedown, the novel give to us an unique female perspective of a double journey: of a soul, on the sea; a journey that, as in real life, brings back to the port, to her Island, a grown up Rafìla poetress and mother."


Citation from La Capria's review on Corriere della Sera:


"To read this book is like to sail on a stream from along the coast into countries and mediterranean towns of the ancient times that nobodys had described yet in such a way..."